Fitness Training

As a mobile service, Gary will come to you and train you in your home, yard or in a park near by. Primarily serving in person around north Canberra (Gungahlin - Civic) as well as ONLINE, Gary has a range of training options for you which cater for all fitness levels and age ranges. 

The more you train with Gary, the more he gets to know you, how you like to train, how your body responds, how to help you reach your goals and the more personalised your programs become. 

Personal training options outlined below are packaged up, from the most flexible one off session all the way through to a more structured three month commitment you can choose which option suits you best. 

Gary's style of training normally involves the whole body, from High Intensive Interval Training, to circuits and boot camp style, Gary uses a mix of cardio, weights and resistance methods to get maximum results from your workout. 

All training sessions involve a free fitness assessment and initial consultation. Because we value relationships it is important that this is a no obligation consultation and will help you decide on the package that is right for you and your needs.

Personal Training

Whether training in your home, yard or in a park near by you don't need to worry about a thing! Simply book a time with Gary, he will come to you with all the equipment. He will develop a program for you tailored to your fitness level and goals. He will track and monitor your progress and ensure that you are appropriately challenged!

All sessions will be between 45-60mins and inclusive of warm up, workout and cool down. 

Personal Training Packages

  • One-off Session - $50.00
  • Weekly - 2 sessions per week - $90.00
  • Monthly- 8 sessions -  $300.00
  • Quarterly* - 24 sessions - $500.00

Small Group Training

Want to workout with your mates? No worries! A small group training is also available for just $20 per person for groups up to 5.

Everyone in your group will be assessed in terms of general fitness levels and the training session tailored accordingly. 

Minimum booking is 4 weeks and includes one session per week. 

Bring your water, bring your mates, we bring the trainer and equipment!

Virtual Coaching (Lite)

Are you a bit more experienced when it comes to exercise? You might already have a gym membership and or access to the equipment you need but you dont want to do the thinking required to plan your work outs? Well, we can help you too!

Our Virtual Coaching service includes; 

  • a free, no obligation consultation 
  • 2x personalised exercise programs for you to complete
  • 3x coaching sessions, one to explain the program and answer any questions you might have on the exercises and one to debrief on how you went. 

This option is great for those of intermediate fitness levels who want someone else to do the thinking for them and to be accountable for their progress. It is also not limited to those based in Canberra. 

At just $40 per week. 

Thanks Gary, but I dont think you have what I'm looking for...

None of this suits your needs? if you still cannot find what you are looking for here we would also be happy to have a chat to you develop a package that suits your needs. Just drop us a line. 

About the Payment

Payment for your chosen package is due up front, after Gary has been engaged by you. Payment can be made through PayPal or via direct deposit. 


Alright - keen to give it a crack? 

Drop us a line below and we will get back to you and arrange your free, no obligation consultation. 


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