Hi I'm Gary

I am a veteran of the Australian Army and Special Operations Command, serving 20 years and undertaking three major deployments. I grew up in the Army and was going to be a lifer until I almost died serving my country during the Afghanistan War. While my service in the Army was cut short, my service to others wasn't. 

I suffered a significant brain injury, which forced me to return to the Bare basics and re-learn everything again - from eating to swallowing, from moving to walking. What I learned during my recovery was so profound, I had to share it.

So I created Bare Coaching. 

My passion for exercise and nutrition helped me to recover and flourish a lot sooner than expected. It gave me my life back. To be able to move the way I want, to be able to manage pain, and manage my mind has made me unstoppable.

I’ve realised I am here to help you move, feel better and achieve your health and fitness goals. Do you want to be unstoppable too?

Drop me a line and we can arrange a time to catch up, we can talk about your health and fitness goals, your needs and the ways I can help you achieve them.

Talk soon!



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