What kind of car are you?

If you were a car

What kind of car would you be? 

Imagine that you were a luxury brand like a Rolls-Royce, a high-end sports car or something else?

What kind of fuel would put in it? The high-end sports models like our athletes are fuelled with quality foods and drinks (and supplements), luxury cars like your Rolls-Royces, Bentlys, Aston Martins and all, "drink" premium. You wouldn't want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on such a nice ride and give it lower quality petrol. 

Stop treating your body (and yourself) like an old paddock-basher or just your average every day “run around” car.

Your body is your transportation to get around in life, so take a look at the fuel sports teams put into their race cars, sports car owners and other enthusiast put into their cars. Sports teams use race quality fuels, sports & luxury car owners use “premium” fuels like their petrol headed enthusiast friends. 

Why do you skimp on putting the (sub)standard fuels on your body? 

Sports teams regularly service, maintain, tune and test their vehicles, translate that to human terms, they give their cars regular check-ups, train in the gym, and eat the best diet they can.

Some of us during lockdowns aren't getting a chance to take our cars (bodies) out of the garage (houses) for a run, instead, we are just starting them up and idling all of the day and keeping the fuel up with processed / high sugar foods.

We can still exercise at home without needing to go to the gym, there are 6 essential movement patterns, and the can all be trained with your bodyweight and stuff you have at home.

They are Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Push, Pull & Carry (think of how you can train these movements)
Watch what you are eating, start moving your body as much as you can and watch your thoughts and mindset. 

What you eat matters, eat right and start moving your body as much as you can and watch your thoughts and mindset

Turn off the news, do a workout, or pick up a good book


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