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Lunch Time at Camp Russell SOTG ROT XII

"The food you eat can either be 
the safest and most powerful
form of medicine or the slowest
form of poison"

- Ann Wigmore

How is your diet during this quarantine period?

I am currently reading Brain Wash by Drs David & son Austin Perlmutter which discusses the connection between your gut and your brain. Which is my general topic of choice (brain, body and mental health).  

So far (I'm ¾ of the way through it), they are covering they talk about how the brain is affected by our lifestyles. 
The highly processed foods we eat are taking all of the vital nutrients and minerals from most of the foods they are based on or pretend to be. 
I'll paraphrase a comment I read which mentioned that if the food you eat if it is made by people in lab coats, you will end up being treated by people in similar lab coats. 
Food as you know, can either make us feel great, or it can make us feel terrible. Good, clean, minimally processed foods are jam-packed full of nutrients, vitamins and, minerals, all of which will help your body and brain to handle your day-to-day life easier because you will feel more energised with a clearer head. Foods that are processed and are devoid of nutrients leave you with a sugar rush, but still looking for the required vitamins and minerals. 
Serotonin, as we know it as the “feel good” hormone, but it needs minerals for the body to produce it. 90% of your serotonin content is in your gut. As serotonin is made, it needs construction materials, and one of those is the Essential Amino Acid tryptophan. This is that it can only be consumed through the foods we eat.

A good diet, that can support the production of serotonin, is what could really help us during this indefinite self-imposed quarantine.

Are you looking after yourself with good foods, exercise, and rest?

Or are you snacking and drinking your way through this? 

Other good books that cover this are Genius Foods by Max Lugavere and Gut by Giulia Enders. Plus, there are so many more that cover this topic, on either Audible or hardcopy. 


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