Study Time

Always Stay A Student

Given this current pandemic and potentially being stuck at home perhaps we should consider how we can use this time at wisely. Perhaps we could become students of our own lives and the issues that affect it?

Genghis Kahn was the first emperor of the Mongolian empire and one of the worlds’ greatest military minds – why? because he was always learning.

Every culture his empire came in contact with he would study it, and learn from it and the previous battles his troops had endured to concoct a plan to overcome this latest obstacle. 

Spending more time at home doesn’t have to limit our options for growth there are tonnes of online learning you can do, like Apples ‘iTunesU”, Udemy, e-instituesopencolleges even Australian Online Colleges plus many more. 

Hell, even on your smartphone there are apps available that can help you learn another language. Learning a 2nd language or learning a musical instrument is fantastic for your brains’ health. Being bilingual and learning new skills lowers your chances of developing an illness that causes a cognitive decline – think Alzehimers. 

Who knows, you may come up with a plan to fight this virus and protect others. 



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